Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Black Metal Impala

This assignment, which was due last week, was to create a half human/half animal portrait. While I was coming up with a sketch idea, I was looking at impalas and I thought the colors on their face reminded me of corpse paint.

I decided to make a very silly portrait of a black metal impala. The final painting was done in oils.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rush album cover

This is an oil painting I did for the Rush album Permanent Waves. I never cared about lyrics in music all that much but when I started listening to Rush something just clicked. The song "Natural Science" was what I based the image off of; a molecule of carbon being the basic building block of life. I constructed a small shadowbox and painted from it.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Typography Pieces

Last year I took a typography class, here are some of the projects I did.

This first piece was to create a 2 page apread for the Shel Silverstien poem, imprtnt. It was the first time I tired something like this, but I enjoyed doing it and I learned a lot.

Another project was to create a shopping bag for a store with text as the main focus. I designed this for a surfing store near where I worked in the summer.

More art pieces

One of my favorite things to draw are landscapes. I was always influenced by the art of Roger Dean; how he could make scenes he complelety made up look so believable. Both are done in micron pens in which I created my own scenery and make it look as believable as I could.

I made this tree out of cutting out pieces of fadeless paper. It's my interpretation of the tree of life, where it connects the boundary between heaven and hell. In some eastern beliefs, the tree of life grew 10 jewels from its branches so I decided to incorporate that into my piece.

My health teacher from high school recently asked me to paint her newborn babys room with Charlie Brown characters. This was something completely new to me and I was very excited to try it.

Friday, January 25, 2008

These 2 pictures were for a Halloween card project. I designed it so the top picture would be the front, and the 2 trees swing open and form the bottom image. I have always enjoyed looking at dogs with silly outfits on so I thought it would be cute if I had them at a Halloween party. This was done in gouache.

This is an illustration I did for The Town And Country Mouse. I used micron pens and colored pencils. I always liked childrens books and I really wanted to do something fun and colorful. This was the first time I tried to illustrate a fairy tale and I am very happy at the result.

I did this painting last year as a sophomore project. It is a book cover for the story Beowulf. Originally it was a watercolor painting but I decided to use the watercolor as an under painting and do the rest in oil. I am very happy with how it turned out, I left some of the watercolor visible and it worked really well with the oils.

This was a really fun project I did a few months ago. It is about the number 4 made entirely out of collage. I started with the 4 stages of the moon, and then i decided to add the 4 earth elements as well. While I was working on it, I was looking a lot at Japanese wood block prints so I tried to incorporate that kind of style into the design of the elements. Finally I made a window pane that framed the picture in the shape of a diamond, although if you look very closely, the brown panes form the number 4 four times. I used construction paper, acrylic paint and magazine cut outs. This is one of my favorite projects that I have done.

I did this painting in a Children's book illustration class for King Arthur. It was the first time I had to draw a horse anatomically correct, so I spent hours trying to get the sketch down. I did this painting in gouache. I usually work in oils but I wanted to try a different medium and I definitely like the way my projects come out in gouache.

This is a guitar that I hand painted using a marbling technique. First I sanded the Les Paul body down and sprayed it with a white shellac. Then I used a combination of borax and quick dry enamel paint to make the swirl. It is a very fun technique to do, the swirls always come out different but you can control which way they flow. I love the way this turned out.


I'm using blogger to post my artwork as a portfolio. Right now I'm an illustration student at the University of the Arts in my junior year. The artwork that I am going to post has been done within the past year.

This one is a series of stamps I did in collage. They are all representations of famous classic WWF wrestlers. Starting from the far left is Bret the Hitman Hart, then the Legion of Doom, then The Genius. I always wanted to try and do collage work and I was very happy at how these turned out.