Monday, March 23, 2009



The senior show is up!! I can't wait for the opening on Sunday. It was such an amazing experience to hang up my pieces with all of my friends. NO one could believe that it was finally OUR show. All these years we watched the seniors before us display beautiful work; but finally it's our chance to show off our great work. Everyone's work really looks amazing and I will post pics of the opening.

As for now I thought I would post the process of another ELY piece.

This time its......


As with any piece I started with a few concepts. I wanted there to be some type of villain for my story and my teachers suggested that I don't make him a human. I chose a robot, because who doesn't like robots? Even better; a Here are some of my concepts.

After coming up with different ideas, I tried making a loose composition of whatI wanted the picture to be. I originally had a whole different story in which Ro-beard captured dancing space animals and one escaped; who tried to free them all. It was becoming much too complicated so I decided to make the book a series of short poems about different dancing aliens. I have PAGES of the original idea, one day I'll post it. I mention it because some of the early Ro-beard concepts are part of that story.
Here are a few page layouts.

The left image I made him more robotic, the right was to make him a little organic looking. After my first crit it was decided that this was a funky angle. I agree, the images are confusing to look at. I also wanted to cram one of the creatures in a cage but it was just too hard to read. I redesigned Ro-beard one more time:

After all of this craziness, I wrote out a poem and made a final copy. Here is the first version I handed in.

Everyone loved the drawings!. This was intended to be spot illustrations on a white background but I decided to put a color in the background. It looked ok but everyone thought that it needed something more. After playing around with it for a while I decided that maybe a dark textured background would be better. After many many type revisions, the final product was ready.

Here it is!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

ELY time!!!

It's heeeeerrrreeee!!

I've finished all four of my ELY pieces. it's been a wild ride; ever since October we have been working really hard on out senior thesis assignments. It's amazing to see how far I've come as far as picturemaking and photoshop efficiency hahaha. I can't wait to see everyones work up next weekend; we have all worked so hard for this show and the paintings will prove it!

I'm going to post each of my ELY's from start to finish in an attempt to log some sort of process I have haha. Since I've already started with Octarina I'll finish it. Although the single page spread is a very nice piece; my teachers decided it would work much better as a double page spread. Even though it was upsetting to hear that it had to be redone I knew it would be for the best. My other pieces were double page spreads so it would make the set look more complete as well.

I redesigned the entire stage and crowd because it would have been too hard to continue the perspective. After repainting the crowd I noticed that I liked some of my original characters better so I just photoshopped them back in. I also kept the original Octarina because I really liked how I painted her and it would have been a shame to scrap her.

Here is the double page spread right before the first round of corrections:

When I got it back the only correction I had was to redesign the crab lute player.